What A Name Means is exactly as it sounds. You can find out the meaning of your name, including the origin. Often names are applicable to both genders so you can see the meaning of boy's names and girl's names.

Perhaps you are expecting a baby and looking to come up with a list of potential baby names. You can scan through the entire list of baby names and meanings or you can narrow it down a bit by starting your search with the origin. That way you can come up with a short list of baby boy names and/or baby girl names. By scanning through the list you can also think about different variations of names that you might not mormally consider.

Your name is an important part of your character and you should spend some time thinking about names for your children because it will be important to them later in life. Sure, we all dislike our name at some stage, however, most of us tend to grow into our names.

As an example, a few names and their meanings include; Laurens - Laurel crown, Francisca - From France, Free, Sruthair - From the stream, Elvira - Impartial judgement, close, plus many more. Click a name to see further details.

To search names by origin just look at the list and go from there. All the names for each origin are shown.